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Social Media Protect identifies social media profiles, groups, and listings that impersonate your brand and sell counterfeits.

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Unlock closed groups

Identify closed groups and create visibility on the activities within these groups

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Sales related content

Spend enforcement hours efficiently by focusing on sales related content only

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Brick and mortar stores connected to the profiles are detected and investigated.

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Based on followers, likes or online presence, profiles are prioritized.

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Risk rating

Advanced algorithms scan the content and create a rating to pin point possible IP infringements

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Group and cluster profiles based on the digital identifiers detected


24/7 Global Social Media Monitoring

Social Protect monitors all profiles, posts, and content uploaded and shared on social media platforms around the web.

That way, you can quickly identify and take down fraudulent listings and profiles before they reach a large audience and become uncontrollable.

If sellers are active on multiple platforms, our software automatically connects the dots between all websites, seller, and user IDs so you can take down their complete sales channel – not just a few listings.

Easily Identify and Enforce Counterfeits

From our online portal, you can easily view all infringing social media posts, tweets, and profiles.

Sort them by the largest and most damaging sellers, or filter them according to your preferences.

Then, simply select the infringing posts and click “start enforcement” to take down listings with just a few clicks. It’s that easy.

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Infiltrate and Investigate Closed Groups

Many fraudulent social profiles and groups are invite-only and closed to the public – making it hard to detect and press charges.

To work around this, our enforcement team may use undercover profiles to pose as customers and gain access to these closed groups.

We’ll then gather necessary evidence to press charges by taking screenshots, identifying sellers, counterfeit products, and connected webshops and online marketplaces.

Take Down and Prevent Future Infringements

The evidence we gathered will then be used to report, take over, and permanently remove infringing content, groups, and profiles from social networks.

These rogue accounts are then registered under the official brand account, preventing counterfeit sellers from abusing these names and profiles in the future.

Even better, the members of these fake groups and pages are turned over to the brand so they can become followers and members of the official pages.

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