Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of PBP Research B.V. (trading as Pointer Brand Protection) (“Us”, “We” or “Pointer”). This Privacy Policy addresses data we process about individuals online, related to the services we provide to our customers.
Our registered office is located at Zekeringstraat 17A, 1014 BM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our Chamber of Commerce number is 54875625.

Pointer is a leading provider of online brand protection services. We specialize in monitoring public data available on the Internet to help brand owners make risk analyses and prioritize cases. We focus on giving our customers an overview of the global online market concerning products falling under the scope of their intellectual property rights.

We directly and indirectly collect data based on information available online. The data may concern personal information, based on which an individual can be identified, or non-personal information. Such data may include:
a) The name of an individual, a username, alias or other identifying information;
b) Any information published via the name, and/or username, alias or other identifying information of an individual;
c) Information related to an individual’s profession or business;
d) The IP address related to activities of an individual online, including but not limited to the hosting provider of a website;
e) The location of an individual or the service provider which the individual uses to publish information;
f) Any other (graphical) information published by an individual and/or data generated by such a publication on its own website or the website a third party; and
g) Any data concerning individuals whom may have infringed the intellectual property of our clients.

We focus on making available technologies that enable our customers to act in a precise and effective manner to protect their intellectual property rights. Pointer collects personal information to provide timely service to its customers. We aim to give an insight in the online offer of products related to brands. For this purpose, Pointer conducts analyses based on personal and non-personal data to aggregate reports and statistics.
We may, and probably will, enclose personal information about individuals infringing intellectual property rights. We encourage our customers and third parties to act in accordance with the same guidelines as set out by Pointer in this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, Pointer may be required to provide the personal information to others in order to comply with (statutory?) legal obligations, including those of third parties such as law enforcement.
In addition to sharing personal information with our customers or third parties, the same data is also is part of the company’s assets.

Pointer has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal information against loss, disclosure or all other unlawful forms of processing.

Individuals may receive on request an insight if their personal data has been processed. Such requests can be send to A request will usually be processed within 12 weeks. Please note that Pointer may refuse such a request at any time to protect the interests of their customers or any other third party pursuant to article 13 (g) Directive 95/46/EC.

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be changed in the future. Such changes will be made available at our website ( If you have questions about this Privacy Policy please contact us via

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