Pointer Blog / Pointer’s Blog is Named a Top Brand Protection Blog

Pointer’s Blog is Named a Top Brand Protection Blog

Feedspot Composes a Comprehensive List of the Best Brand Protection Blogs  


Amsterdam, NL – 23 October: Pointer Brand Protection is honored to be called one of the best blogs about brand protection on the web. Feedspot composed the list, and after assessing thousands of blogs,

panellists selected the winners based on a number of criteria that included Google search rankings, quality and consistency of posts, and influence on social media sites.


This comes as terrific news since Pointer aims to be a great source of knowledge for anyone looking to learn more about brand protection and IP rights. Pointer believes that by continuously educating the public on counterfeits, IP infringements, and online crime, they can have a positive effect on the trade market while helping brand owners protect their intellectual property, and keeping consumers safe from online predators.


Feedspot is an online platform that compiles all your favorite websites in one place, introduces you to new ones, and categorizes their content based on your interests. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, check out Feedspot here.


Besides keeping readers updated on all the happenings within the intellectual property industry, Pointer’s main focus of cleaning the online marketplace is done by providing brands of all sizes with solutions to their online infringement cases. With a winning combination of a sophisticated software and an experienced legal and investigative team, Pointer Brand Protection offers brands a variety of customized online protection strategies.

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