Pointer Blog / Pointer CEO Included in Panel Discussion for IPPro Magazine

Pointer CEO Included in Panel Discussion for IPPro Magazine

CEO Robert Stolk shares his thoughts on trademark enforcement issues facing brands


Amsterdam, NL – 14 November – Pointer’s very own Co-Founder and CEO, Robert Stolk, was invited to participate in a panel discussion with three other leading brand protection experts in IPPro Magazine’s latest issue, released this week.  


Stolk provided his insights on the major concerns plaguing brands in regards to trademark usage, counterfeiting, and persistent IP infringements. A key issue, from Stolk’s perspective, is the internet’s facilitation of counterfeiters. He digresses, “All across the globe, we see big retailers struggling to compete with online platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba. With more online sales, counterfeiters can swiftly step in and get a piece of the pie.” However, Stolk is still optimistic about these concerns, going on to say, “But it’s a problem we’re working towards solving, brand by brand.”


So, how do brands combat the pervasive counterfeiters? A brand protection strategy is essential. In the panel discussion, Stolk explains, “Naturally, the first step to protecting your brand online is to enlist a brand protection team, which can develop a strategy and implement their software in a way that best suits your brand protection needs.” There are different options on the market for such software and services—including Pointer’s own brand protection solutions—but the most important thing is that brands take action against online crime.


Counterfeiting has serious global implications not only for the brands, but for consumers and manufacturers alike. We can’t stress this enough. Brand protection augments overall trade protection; it’s a safety measure for anyone who purchases and supplies goods online. Without it, your brand, your consumers, and additional parties could be at risk.  


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If you’re interested in reading the full panel discussion, or taking a look at IPPro Magazine’s newest edition and its coverage on how fintech is changing the future of the IP industry, you can find the full magazine here. (The panel discussion begins on page 30.)  

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