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Passion for fighting crime and offering online brand protection

Pointer Brand Protection was founded in 2008 when three friends were hired by a local law firm to scan an online marketplace for counterfeits.

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In The Beginning

The team manually sifted through thousands of product listings to identify the biggest infringers. They investigated these sellers by conducting test purchases and contacting them directly. Eventually, they could figure out their product inventories, estimated sales, and connections between user accounts across websites. This data was sent over to the law firm, which could then instigate legal action for the brand and take counterfeit products off the market.

After months of tedious manual investigations, the three friends soon realized that this process could be done much more efficiently and effectively. And that’s when Pointer’s brand protection software was born.

Our Commitment

As we built and improved our software and eventually provided dedicated brand protection services, we kept this investigative mindset at the very center of everything we do.

That’s why our global enforcement team members are multilingual with regional and legal specializations. It’s also why our software automatically gathers product and seller data, connects the dots across websites and platforms, and prioritizes the largest infringers for you.

Further than that, we work hard to stay ahead of the latest brand protection technologies, legislation, and enforcement methods.

As your partner, we are committed to protecting your brand and consumers from counterfeits, as well as trademark and copyright infringements.

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Social media has opened up numerous modern selling methods for sly and crafty counterfeiters. No longer do they have to hide their wares down dark alleys and in car boots; peddlers of counterfeit products can now simply offer their goods online – and no one is the wiser.

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