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Our advanced Online Brand Protection Solutions software helps protect your brand from counterfeiting and other intellectual property infringements.

online brand protection

Our online brand protection solution solves your problem!

The volume of products and data placed online every day is immense. Without an automated solution and well-considered strategy, it’s impossible to control your brand’s online presence. Pointer’s brand protection strategy segments the internet into market places, domains and social media. Each segment has its own monitoring & enforcement approach – individualized solutions for unique challenges.

Market protect

Market Protect scans hundreds of online marketplaces every day such as eBay, Alibaba, Taobao, and Mercadolibre for intellectual property infringements. Our software and enforcement team work together to distinguish genuine, fake, or grey-import products – which are authentic goods sold in unauthorized or unintended markets. Based on these insights, we can identify and take action against listings that are most damaging to your brand.

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Domain protect

On a daily basis, Domain Protect automatically finds new and existing web shops, blogs, and domains that possibly sell infringing products that violate trademarks with domain names, or use copyright-protected images or logos without your permission. We identify networks and clusters – and enact enforcement in one go.

Social protect

Social Protect monitors all profiles, posts, and content uploaded and shared on social media platforms around the web. In that way, you can quickly identify and take down fraudulent listings and profiles before they reach a large audience and become uncontrollable. If sellers are active on multiple platforms, our software automatically connects these, and our team shuts down their complete sales channel – not just a few listings.

Pointer bp_Infographic 7_Social protect

App Protect

App Protect monitors all major app stores. Through our online dashboard you will gain instant insights into the newest apps as they are uploaded. Review all relevant apps available at app stores. Sort by publication date, downloads, or rating. Simply choose the infringing posts and select “start enforcement” to take down listings with a few simple clicks. It’s that easy!

Full insights in the online sales channels

Besides shutting down and enforcing market place sellers, web shops and social media channels, we focus on identifying clusters and networks. The Online Brand Protection Solutions software and its advanced algorithms pinpoint the largest infringers. We get insights into all the used online sales channels, which coupled with OSINT work provides in-depth intelligence to stop counterfeits at the source.

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