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  • The rise of counterfeit cosmetics
    14 August 2018
    The rise of counterfeit cosmetics has been partially enabled by the rapid ascendance of...
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    counterfeit cosmetics
  • UK’s Top Sports Brands Put Their Trust In Pointer Brand Protection
    8 August 2018
    Data reveals that 7 of the top 10 most popular sports brands in the...
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    top uks sports brands trust pointer brand protection
  • How to remove counterfeits from Amazon and eBay
    24 July 2018
    Amazon and eBay are two of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. So...
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    amazon and ebay
  • How to remove counterfeits in China (Alibaba and AliExpress)
    24 July 2018
    Thanks to the internet, consumers nowadays have almost unlimited access to products sold by...
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    alibaba and aliexpress
  • Counterfeit goods, the World Cup and Social Media Engagement
    24 July 2018
    The 2018 World Cup final ended in a blaze of glory for Les Bleus,...
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    world cup
  • Counterfeits and Cristiano Joining Juventus
    18 July 2018
    Lightning fast wingers racing towards goal. Thunderously hit penalties bursting the net. Instantaneous joys...
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    ronaldo juventus counterfeits
  • Is it Legal to Sell Replica Items, Counterfeit Goods, Knockoffs?
    12 July 2018
    In the fight against intellectual property infringement, you need to know your vocabulary. There...
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    counterfeits items
  • Top 3 Ecommerce Platforms in Southeast Asia and How To Stop Fakes
    10 July 2018
    Asia is, due to its growth rate and scale, a lucrative market for online...
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    ecommerce platforms southeast-asia
  • Top 3 Ecommerce Platforms in India and How To Stop Fakes
    2 July 2018
    Online shopping websites are popping up more and more frequently all over India as...
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    ecommerce platforms
  • EUROPOL IP Crime Conference Budapest 2018
    25 June 2018
    Europol’s Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC3) is pleased to announce the 2nd Europol Intellectual Property...
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Social media has opened up numerous modern selling methods for sly and crafty counterfeiters. No longer do they have to hide their wares down dark alleys and in car boots; peddlers of counterfeit products can now simply offer their goods online – and no one is the wiser.

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