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Fighting counterfeiting and piracy is a battle. The question is – are you winning? Pointer Brand Protection provides a complete and market-leading brand protection strategy that makes a difference. To ascertain if your brand is at risk or to determine the effectiveness of your current strategy, we can provide you with a free and customized risk report and live demo.

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Biggest platforms

Which platforms offer your products for sale? Which platform needs your immediate attention?

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Largest seller

Who are the most active sellers offering your products? Are they selling authentic products or fakes?

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Most popular products

Intel on the most popular products offered per region. Focus on these to ensure markets are free of fakes.

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Risks per region

Receive high level information per region. Which country has the most infringements?

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Use online data for in-market investigations. Get a complete overview of all the sales channels an infringer is using – and stop them at the source!

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Average pricing

Know who is selling your products and at what prices. Use pricing as an indicator to identify fakes

online brand protection

Your Customized Live Demo

Our market leading brand protection software we will show you if your brand is at risk.

Get information on the largest sellers that are advertising with your products. Who is selling your products online? Are they selling genuine, parallel or counterfeit products? A heatmap will show you detailed information on where your products are sold and where you are facing the biggest threats. The report covers:

Use the information and intelligence from the report to fight fakes online.

About Pointer Brand Protection

Pointer Brand Protection provides a software solution to protect brands online from counterfeits and other IP infringements. Collect all online sales in +650 marketplaces, social media, and domains & web shops. We know where, who and for what price your products are offered online. Pointer Brand Protection is interested in infringing offers, as well as who is selling genuine products.

That’s why you should contact us today:

  • Global monitoring & enforcement
  • Advanced algorithms & risk analysis
  • Customizable dashboard & reporting
  • Multi-language analysts with legal background

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