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Social media has opened up numerous modern selling methods for sly and crafty counterfeiters. No longer do they have to hide their wares down dark alleys and in car boots; peddlers of counterfeit products can now simply offer their goods online – and no one is the wiser.

How can you protect your brand against counterfeiters on social media? What can you do to stop them using your good name to make money, and what can we do to protect customers against the hazards of counterfeit products? Well, we’re going to tell you all about it…

What is inside the eBook

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Why social media?

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:
Free of charge

Chapter 5:
What Pointer can do

Chapter 6:

About Pointer Brand Protection

Pointer Brand Protection was founded in 2008, when three friends were hired by a local law firm to scan an online marketplace for counterfeits.Manually, the team sifted through thousands of product listings to identify the biggest infringers. They investigated these sellers by conducting test purchases and contacting them directly. Eventually, they were able to figure out their product inventories, estimated sales, and connections between user accounts across websites. This data was sent over to the law firm so they could take legal action for the brand and take counterfeit products off the market.

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