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Domain Protect finds fraudulent web shops and domains and takes thorough legal action to stop them for good.

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WHOIS information

Hosts, Registrars and registrant information are collected and searchable

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Risk rating

Based on popularity, content and other digital fingerprints a risk rating is calculated

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Digital fingerprints

Collect digital fingerprints and other identifiers to cluster networks

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Reverse image search

Logo detection and reverse image search is used to detect new rogue web shops

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Contact details

Infringing sites are automatically scanned for contact details for further analysis and identification

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High volume traffic

Websites with high traffic are prioritized and action is taken almost instantly


Global Webshop and Domain Monitoring

On a daily basis, Domain Monitoring automatically finds new and existing webshops, blogs, and domains that possibly:

  • sell infringing products
  • violate trademarks with domain names
  • or use copyright protected images or logos without your permission.

Thorough Investigation & Prioritization

Our enforcement team then reviews each website for legitimate copyright and trademark infringements.

Once a domain is verified as infringing, our software automatically captures screenshots and gathers WHOIS, IP, and hosting information, and ‘identifiers’ such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Based on this info, we group, prioritize, and start enforcements on the most damaging websites first.

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Enforce Infringing Domains With Just A Few Clicks

Using our Domain Monitoring, you can easily send cease and desist letters to website owners and internet service providers, report incorrect WHOIS information and remove domains from search engines.

Not only that, you can report infringing domains to payment service providers or law enforcement, start UDRP procedures, litigation, and other legal actions with just a few clicks.

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