Protect your brand online with an innovative software! We’ve got you covered.

We will provide you with a customized strategy to ensure that your brand is safe from online infringements.

Key Features: Marketplace Protect

Our software automatically identifies counterfeit merchandise listed on online marketplaces based on various data points and tracks their seller’s online movements.

With just the click of a button, clients are able to decide on their preferred method of enforcement and proceed with legal action.

Our software is able to identify and categorize the images compiled from online searches which makes information easily navigable on the application.

The combination of meticulously collected data from our software with the expertise of our legal team amounts to extensively detailed reports on infringements and advice for follow-up procedures.

Due to our monitoring, analyzing, and rating systems of the illegal vendors, we are able to distinguish the most damaging sellers and prioritize them for our clients.

Key Features: Social Media Protect

With the ability to automatically scour all social media platforms and match multiple profiles to a single user, our software makes compiling data efficient and effortless.

Our software is able to identify brand imposters on social media accounts, which are then removed and blacklisted.

We are able to track and trace all sales-related posts across all social media platforms, gather the user’s data, and remove all the profiles immediately.

Once we’ve identified and gathered users’ data, we monitor them to ensure they do not create new profiles with more damaging infringements.

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to enforce multiple infringing social media accounts in bulk.

Key Features: Domain & Website Protect

We work together with Registry and host platforms around the world to recognize IP infringements and track and trace when an infringing domain is newly registered.

Using smart searches, our advanced technology is able to identify and categorize damaging websites and webshops in a matter of seconds.

Our legal team drafts up templates of specific enforcement measures for each client, who are then able to take legal action with ease.

Our software is able to pinpoint the most damaging domains and group them together based on various common factors, which facilitates the enforcement of high-volume infringements.

Configures automated parallel tasks that allow easy and fast intake of new domain data and provides feedback to the end user.

Key Features: Retailer Protect

As the first retailer solution in the industry, we offer clients an innovative method for distinguishing unauthorized sales of their merchandise.

Our software tracks retailer behaviour to ensure that all illegal sales are accounted for and extinguished as quickly as possible.

The intelligence gathered by our automated software is compiled into a comprehensive report as well as clearly displayed on the client’s dashboard for their active use.

With our clustering technology, we are able to group together matching data factors, enabling us to determine the most damaging online sellers.

We make it a point to monitor all online stores that distribute the client’s products so we have a full and accurate data pool to gather intelligence from.

Our advanced matching technology is applied automatically to identify sellers across multiple platforms and terminate them in bulk.

Key Features: Paid Search Protect

Continuous monitoring of fraudulent trademark usage in online advertisements and search engines.

We cover all major search engines around the world and ensure that our clients’ brands are protected against IP rights.

Our patented technology is unparalleled and our team of skilled developers are focused on constantly enhancing it to meet the highest standards.

Our analysts review top advertisers through multiple methods to gather the necessary intelligence to provide our clients with thorough advertiser reports.

Based on the data compiled from our software, combined with AI technology, we are able to connect user intelligence to multiple profiles across a variety of platforms for detection efficiency and faster enforcement.

Key Features: App Store Protect

Our software efficiently harvests all major app platforms for keywords connected to our client’s brand and identifies the fake apps.

Advancements in AI and machine learning technology enable our software to continuously adapt to the changing markets.

With four different image-matching classifications, our software is able to detect and compare fraudulent image uploads, making the app detection even more thorough.

Once an app is taken down, our software automatically monitors the user’s activities to ensure that no new infringing apps are created.

As soon as the infringing app is detected and confirmed, clients are able to immediately and easily enforce the illegitimate party from their personalized dashboard.

Key Features: Case Management

We normalize the raw-data harvested by our software and enrich it so it becomes easier to match, providing better results.

By clustering infringing information we are able to group together important data points for multiple purposes in our case management system.

To authenticate our suspicions about a potential infringer, we will issue a test-purchase order of the product in question, which provides us with the physical proof of copyright infringement as well as additional seller information.

To make each client’s personalized dashboard even more functional, we have all relevant intelligence displayed in clear and intelligible graphs.

By monitoring our client’s authorized and unauthorized retailers, we are able to account for illegal activity from all distributors.

What our clients say

Andrew Vickerstaff

Group Legal Counsel - SEATRIEVER

“Being able to identify infringements of our intellectual property across multiple e-commerce platforms worldwide and to then take steps to enforce our rights using the Revlect software at a click of a button is an invaluable resource to us and an important part of the steps we take to protect the ILLOOMS® brand. The Pointer Brand Protection team are very knowledgeable, friendly and provide a seamless service to our business. We have worked with them for several years now and they have in effect become an extension of our in-house brand protection team.”

Dennis Wilke

Legal Brand Protection/IP - CLUSE

"Pointer Brand Protection is our preferred partner in fighting the counterfeit market. For us, the combination of the intelligent software, an easy-to-use tool and the personal contact with our Pointer team is key in protecting our brand."

Types of infringements we solve


Together, our legal team and our software clear the internet of all fake products imitating your brand.


We close down fake accounts that attempt to appear genuine on social media platforms and ecommerce websites.

Design Rights

We stop the illegal use of your brand’s photos and logos, as well as protect your brand from other design-related infringements.

Parallel & Grey Trade

We ensure that authorized vendors are only selling your brand’s products in legitimate and sanctioned ways.

Trademark Misuse

We ensure your brand’s trademark is free from any abuse or misuse online and offline, whether it’s intentional or not.

IP Infringements

From counterfeits to keyword hijacking to patent protection, we make sure all your IP rights are covered.

Curious if your brand is at risk?

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