Fight online infringements with an experienced legal and certified investigative team to protect your brand! We’ve got you covered.

We will provide you with a customized strategy to ensure that your brand is safe from online infringements.

Brand Protection Analysts

With over 30 nationalities on our team, we are able to communicate with clients in their native language and provide insight into local procedures with a global perspective.

Our dedicated team of certified investigators and enforcement agents are all qualified and experienced legal experts with the knowledge and acumen to take the appropriate measures required for each situation.

Due to our healthy relationships with all crucial parties—including global online marketplaces, domain registries, social media platforms, and more—our inquiries are taken seriously and exacted in a timely manner.

The combination of meticulously collected data from our software with the expertise of our legal team amounts to extensively detailed reports on infringements and advice for follow-up procedures.


If it’s unclear whether a product being sold is authentic or not, we will order a test purchase of the product, which not only provides us with the product in hand, but also additional seller information.

We use the results of the clustering process by applying the intelligence that was collected to help in both online and offline investigations.

Our thorough reports consist of exceptionally detailed information about the client’s infringers, along with advice on how to proceed with legal action.

Thanks to our international team, we are able to provide clients with country-specific, local knowledge on law enforcement and legal practices.

Every client is appointed their own certified investigator from our team—all of whom have legal experience—and who will be the point of contact and help with every step of the process.

Project Managers

Your Project Manager is responsible for the project and project-team that contains either dedicated legal analysts or investigators.

The Project Manager makes sure that your objectives and strategies are reflected and accomplished in our daily tasks.

The Project Manager will make sure to understand and keep constant track of the global online market for your products and services.

High-volume sellers are prioritized and follow-up advice is drafted based on various factors, such as regional priorities, seller impact, estimated revenue, and sales channels, etc.

What our clients say

Elaine To

E-Commerce Specialist & Brand Protection - MEE audio

"The Pointer Brand Protection team has been nothing short of amazing! The Revlect software was easy to use and has helped us discover counterfeits on various online marketplaces across the globe. Pointer was able to help us resolve our counterfeit issue, protect our brand, and was always prompt to take action. Pointer is our trusted partner in defending our intellectual property rights."

Glenn Balak

Director Global Marketing & Design - Buddha to Buddha

“I’ve been very impressed with the precision and efficiency that Pointer has provided throughout this initial stage in our partnership. They did a great job in such a short a short amount of time. We are very confident that with Pointer at our side, our clients will henceforth have a safe experience when buying Buddha to Buddha products online.”

Types of infringements we solve


Together, our legal team and our software clear the internet of all fake products imitating your brand.


We close down fake accounts that attempt to appear genuine on social media platforms and ecommerce websites.

Design Rights

We stop the illegal use of your brand’s photos and logos, as well as protect your brand from other design-related infringements.

Parallel & Grey Trade

We ensure that authorized vendors are only selling your brand’s products in legitimate and sanctioned ways.

Trademark Misuse

We ensure your brand’s trademark is free from any abuse or misuse online and offline, whether it’s intentional or not.

IP Infringements

From counterfeits to keyword hijacking to patent protection, we make sure all your IP rights are covered.

Curious if your brand is at risk?

We create a customized solution that is tailored to the needs of your brand.