Domain Management

The protection of brands and trademarks on the Internet and the secure management of the domain portfolio are essential for companies. Our corporate domain service NOX supports you with these tasks and provides a powerful domain management, comprehensive monitoring tools as well as personal support.

Key Features

Our dedicated brand protection analysts provide domain portfolio analysis as well as strategic advice based on your current domain portfolio, IP portfolio and your most important markets.

The system provides you with free consolidation of your entire domain portfolio. Gathering all your data and domains in one convenient place allows for the easy maintenance of your domains.

We offer trustee services for domain extensions with limited availability, allowing us to represent clients in a local or international capacity, so long as the country permits.

Along with standardized Whois and DNS management, we also provide Premium DNS, DNSSEC and Anycast to ensure every client is granted with the best security and infrastructure.

Being in the business of protection, we make every effort to establish stable and sheltered connections, which is why we offer SSL certificates for securing all of your websites.

We guarantee the privacy of our clients and their brands by supplying anonymous domain purchases and brokerage.

What makes Pointer stand out?

Integrated Software

Our advanced technology is able to effectively sift through and compile mass amounts of data and categorize it automatically, based on our client's specific requirements.

Experienced Legal Team

Our dedicated team of certified investigators and enforcement agents are all qualified and experienced legal experts with the knowledge and acumen to take the appropriate measures required for each situation.

Collaborative Relationships with Key Parties

Due to our healthy relationships with all crucial parties—including global online marketplaces, domain registries, social media platforms, and more—our inquiries are taken seriously and exacted in a timely manner.

Customized Service

The combination of our software and our enforcement team means that each client gets a tailor-made and trusted protection plan that is customized to their advantage.

International Influence

With over 30 nationalities on our team, we are able to communicate with clients in their native language and provide insight into local procedures with a global perspective.