Are you a team player and do you have a passion for fighting crime?

At Pointer, we take pride in tackling the bad guys. We do this by combining advanced software with legal expertise, which is why our range of employment opportunities is so diverse. Whether you have a background in law, coding, or are business savvy, we may have a role for you!

Life at Pointer HQ


Get ready for spontaneous applause, impromptu brainstorming sessions, and genuine appreciation!

Typically, you would read about a company’s culture and awesome perks. We’ve got all that, too—trust us.


Why join our team of warriors?

The passion and commitment to our mission live in everything we do.


Being passionate about your work makes work a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Personal development

At Pointer we prioritize the professional development of our motivated team by providing regular skills-based training and mentoring opportunities.

Making a difference

Our solutions have one goal: to prevent fraud. You can contribute to this worthy and essential goal by joining our ambitious team.


Utilizing the latest technologies enables us to stay ahead of the game. We take innovation and add your input and expertise.

Work hard, play hard

Besides bustling through assignments and meeting deadlines, we also know how to have fun.

We deliver

Our visionary and pragmatic approach drives success for ourselves, our clients and our partners.

Open positions!

Fingers crossed that your dream job is open!