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Why does your brand need a Case Management System?

Overwhelmed and overworked


You’re a busy brand owner or brand manager. You have a million tasks a day that fall on you to take care of. There’s the brand strategy you must complete, the financial forecast for the next quarter, all the marketing campaigns you have to oversee. Your time is limited and your workload overwhelming. And to top it off, you have a host of online offenders producing counterfeits, illegally reselling your items, and damaging your brand in a variety of ways. Every day there is a fire to put out, but you don’t have the proper tools to fight them yet.


What are your options?


The good news is that there is, in fact, a solution that can help you with managing some of these day-to-day struggles. Our Case Management System is available to help brand owners and managers take some of the weight off managing online and offline infringement cases. It’s a system that provides users with a clear overview of each case, its progress, the people involved, and everything you need to know to ensure the smooth takedown of every online infringement case that your brand is involved with. By integrating all the relevant case data into one dashboard and simplifying the enforcement protocols, you may just find yourself with some time to spare for other urgent matters.


Divided into three portals, the system allows you to work in real-time with different users—across multiple time zones and in different countries—including Pointer’s team of dedicated analysts and lawyers, as well as your own brand management team and third-party enforcers. On top of this, it brings the online and offline world together into one system thanks to Pointer’s healthy relationships with law enforcement, law firms, and investigators from all over the world. This enables us to effectively support brand owners in both their online and offline enforcement activities, no matter the location of the case.


So why are the portals different for each user? By individualizing the portals, each user gets the most relevant information to help them better perform their tasks. For instance, the Client Portal provides brand managers and brand owners with high-level figures and grants them access to cost-management and time-management tools. In comparison, the Third Party Portal, intended for external members involved in the cases, is geared more toward task progress and new activities. The different portals generate a better workflow between all parties involved in each case, complete with a dashboard tailor-made for each brand and each role.


Details matter—especially in legal cases—which is why we believe the Case Management System is a valuable solution for anyone working to streamline their brand protection processes. So how do we know that our Case Management System has everything a brand manager needs to be efficient and effective? Because the man behind the system was once one of you.


Inside Scoop


Bas Peters, our very own Project Manager for the Case Management System, used to be a brand protection manager himself before joining the Pointer team. The very reason he signed on to develop the Case Management System is that he wanted to find a solution to everything he struggled with as a brand manager. About his previous experience, he says, “I was spending a lot of time managing several systems, spreadsheets and filing systems, and sending information to partners and vendors via email & WeTransfer. This is time consuming, costly and I even ran the risk of losing data.” He continues, “I was looking for a way to get a complete overview of my ROI, compliance rate, (future) workload, team performance and open cases. All while trying to create valuable information reports and gain intelligence from historic data by linking research information together.”


When he realized how unnecessarily complicated and expensive it was to manage all these different elements and tools related to brand management, he made it his mission to develop a seamless system that could provide everyone involved in the brand protection department of their companies with the most in-depth and practical information for their case management purposes.


“I’m incredibly excited to share this new system with all the brand managers who find themselves in the same position I was in. No longer are the days of a hundred open tabs. Everything you need to know about your brand protection cases is now in one convenient location,” explains Peters.


Sound interesting?


If the Case Management System sounds like the kind of tool that would alleviate some of the troubles that continuously plague your brand management role, you can find more information about it here. Or, if you’re in need of a brand protection strategy altogether, feel free to check out all of our solutions on our website and reach out for a free demo.

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