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App Store Monitoring makes sure your IP rights are protected in all major mobile app stores.

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Risk rating

Advanced algorithms scan the content and create a rating to help pinpoint possible IP infringements


Developer info

See all apps created by any developer. Spot repeat infringers across all platforms



Insights into the popularity of an app. Tackle the problem before it is too late


Publication date

Reduce the damage. Filter on publication date to spot the newest apps instantly


Copyright & logo’s

Review apps for unauthorized use of your logos and images


App Ranking

Filter on app ratings to prioritize infringers for enforcement

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Monitor major app stores

App Store Monitoring all major app stores. Through our online dashboard, you will gain instant insight into the newest apps as they are uploaded.

Review all relevant apps available in the app stores. Sort them by publication date, the number of downloads or rating.

Simply choose the infringing posts and select “start enforcement” to take down listings with a few simple clicks. It’s that easy!

Repeated infringers

App Store Monitoring identifies the developers behind each app. Get a quick overview of these developers and their activities across various platforms. Spot repeat infringers instantly and take appropriate action. Our advanced white listing solution lets you label all unauthorized apps automatically.

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Copyright and logo abuse

Monitor and enforce Apps which use copyright protected material (e.g., images), which make unauthorized use of the brand owner’s logo(s) or that use the copyright protected Design of the brand owner’s official App.

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