Passion for fighting online infringements of intellectual property rights for brands.

What began as a passion project between three university friends, Pointer Brand Protection has developed into a reputable and trusted company in the Intellectual Property industry. By removing counterfeits and frauds, we help to reinforce a stable and safe exchange of goods and services, advocating for both producers and consumers.

Our Core Values

Start winning

Our mission is clear: Protect creativity and innovation, safeguard consumers and public health, and take away funding for organized crime and terrorism by fighting fakes, piracy, and other IP infringements online. To complete this mission, we have to win consistently; win the small battles and win the big battles, win individually and win collectively. From building a winning software to providing a winning service, we fight to win. Because winning online means winning in reality.

Smarter better smarter

We believe in constant improvements. In every facet of life there is room for improvement, and we at Pointer know that if we do something smarter, it means we’re doing it better. Which is why we invest in smart people, because we know that smart people will make us better. We see no limit to our potential when we have the smartest people involved in continuously improving our software and service. There is no finish line for our efforts; only to be smarter, to be better.

Raving customers

We trust our teams to do what they believe is best for Pointer, giving them lots of freedom, power, and autonomy in support of their decisions. In turn, this generates a sense of responsibility and self-discipline that drives them to do quality work. We also believe that keeping our employees happy is what keeps our customers happy. But—since we’re all about improvements—we strive for more than “happy.” We want our employees, and subsequently our customers, to rave about us.

Our History

  • 2008
    Pointer was founded

    Pointer starts with the goal of fighting online and offline infringements!

  • 2009
    First Pointer software

    First look of Revlect, our automated solution for online brand protection.

  • 2014
    First international employee

    Pointer is proud to welcome Fiona Gao, our General Manager and expert in brand protection.

  • 2017
    Open US and Ukraine offices

    Pointer launches offices in the US for business development and Ukraine for software development.

  • 2018
    Over 100 employees worldwide

    Pointer’s family can’t stop growing and we now have over 100 warriors and 30 nationalities!

  • 2018
    China office

    Pointer opens an office in China to have a stronger presence in the Asian markets.

Our Winning Strategy

1. Monitor
2. Analyze
3. Investigate
4. Enforce
5. Succeed!


Interested in joining our team?

Check out our careers page to see our current available positions.

Pointer in the Press

Pointer is an established Brand Protection Entity registered in the Netherlands. Our sophisticated software works in combination with our experienced and professional legal team to provide brands with efficient and thorough online protection against copyright and trademark infringements. From detecting to monitoring to enforcing, we cover all the bases. For more information contact:
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