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Online Brand Protection with an impact

Pointer’s brand protection software automatically identifies the most damaging copyright offenders and counterfeits around the world. Our legal team helps you effectively combat and prevent future infringements. See if your brand is at risk and #startwinning the counterfeit battle.


Our online brand protection strategy solves your problem!

Sellers blocked
Domains shut down
Social media profiles shut down

Advanced yet easy to use
brand protection software

Our software uses advanced algorithms to quickly identify and prioritize the most damaging counterfeit sellers, webshops, and social media accounts.

From our online portal, you can view detailed information on every counterfeit product and seller, start enforcements, and even take down fraudulent listings with just a few clicks.

Best of all, it’s so easy to use there’s almost no training required.

Global Legal Enforcement Team

With regional and legal specializations, our multilingual enforcement team is equipped to help you develop an effective & global brand protection strategy.

Since you’re assigned a dedicated account manager and enforcement team you’ll always be ready to battle infringements that harm your brand.

​Our team can help investigate counterfeit sellers and gather the evidence needed to press charges locally and internationally to stop them once and for all.

Track results & improve your strategy

Get detailed weekly or monthly reports on KPIs that matter to you. Track how your brand is doing and what listings, sellers, or websites to focus on next.

​Or generate your own reports by selecting the fields and conditions you want. Then, use this data to tweak and improve your brand protection strategy over time.

Customize your dashboard to monitor rising trends, damaging listings or sellers, and enforcement progress.

Explore Our Brand Protection Solutions

Market Protect

Our software quickly detects and take down counterfeits from over 650 (and counting) online marketplaces.

Domain Protect

Identify fraudulent web shops abusing your brand and take swift legal action to stop them for good.

Social Protect

Find out who’s impersonating your brand and selling counterfeits on the biggest social media platforms.

     App      Protect

Monitors all major mobile app stores and makes sure your IP rights are protected. Take down listings with a few clicks!

Paid Search Protect

Identifies and removes unauthorized ads on PPC channels from appearing on your branded keywords

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