Brand Protection Solutions for

online infringements.

We combine innovative software with an experienced legal and certified investigative team to protect your brand.

Our Winning Strategy

1. Monitor
2. Analyze
3. Investigate
4. Enforce
5. Succeed

Our Software Incorporates

From data searching to continuous monitoring, our advanced and user-friendly software is able to gather and inspect fraudulent intelligence automatically.

With our image matching technology we are capable of processing and prioritizing more data from more platforms, and more data means more possible infringements we can enforce.

This technology uses a common factor to group together data from multiple profiles of a single seller—from their social media accounts to their registered domains—making the sourcing of infringements and the targeting of the most damaging sellers more efficient than ever.

Our Service Incorporates

Every brand is unique, which is why we provide you with a tailor-made protection plan based on your specific business needs.

If you’re all about the details, look no further. Our exhaustive reports are far above industry standards.

Boasting healthy relationships with global platforms and with over 30 nationalities on our team, we make a point of offering personalized service in our clients, partners, and third parties’ native languages.

We protect over 500 brands of all sizes, worldwide.

With a proven track-record of exceptional service and effective software, we are a trusted source of brand protection with a history of success and customer satisfaction.

Curious if your brand is at risk?

We create a customized solution that is tailored to the needs of your brand.

How can we help?
Our solutions cover all online infringements.